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Below is a list that briefly describes some of the experience that principal Hanns Baumann brings to Baumann Research and Development.   Click on the link to see a description and/or photos of the product.  Eventually we will have a brief description of each product, along with photos, and possibly project outlines, research results, etc.

  • The Button-head Prestress System, Carl Middendorf, founder of Prescon Corp., Inventor

  • The Vaughtborg Lift Slab System, William Vaughtborg, Inventor

  • Tilt-up Wall Construction, The Burke Company

  • Cinch Nail Prefabricated Wood Truss Plates, Bostich Co.
  • Gascon Lightweight Polymer Concrete, John Beggs, Inventor
  • Gascon Freeformed Sprayed Mortar System, John Beggs, Inventor
  • Baumann Gascon Construction System, John Beggs, Hanns Baumann, Co-inventors, utilized internationally on thousands of low-cost homes
  • AirFloor Trusslab Hollow Concrete Floor System, John Leemhuis, Inventor, over 2 million square feet constructed
  • University Residential Building System (URBS), John Leemhuis, Hanns Baumann, Co-inventors, used in University of California dormitories
  • Conspray Construction System, John Richards, Hanns Baumann, Co-inventors, acquired by Whiteman Manufacturing
  • Omni Manufactured Housing Systems, Elmer Sproul, Fleetwood Joiner, Hanns Baumann, co-inventors, acquired by Phillip Morris for widespread use
  • Tactcon Manufactured Hotel Room System, Edward Maurer, Inventor, acquired by Brown and Root, Inc.
  • Replaceable Manufactured Service Modules, Edward Maurer, Herbert Watkins, Hanns Baumann, Co-inventors, US Patent issued
  • Computer Aided Transportation System (CATS), Hanns Baumann, Inventor
  • FireSafe Construction Systems, Hanns Baumann, Inventor
  • SlopeSaver Construction Systems, Hanns Baumann, Inventor
  • FreeForm Construction Systems, John Beggs, David Klages, Hanns Baumann, Co-inventors
  • Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Form Tie/Concrete System, Hanns Baumann, Co-inventors
  • Steel Fiber Reinforced Sprayed Concrete System, John Richards, Hanns Baumann, Co-Inventor
  • Containerized U.S. Housing System, Hanns Baumann, Inventor
  • Energy Saving/Long Span Hollow Concrete Floor System, Hanns Baumann, Inventor
  • Prefabricated Foam Core Trussed Wire Panels, Dave Stevenson, John Douglas, Co-inventors, currently used by Habitat for Humanity
  • Prefabricated Foamed Gypsum Construction Panels, Rudy Gunnerman, Inventor
  • Manufactured Relocatable Air Rights Hotel System, Marvin Renfro, Hanns Baumann, Co-inventors, US Patent issued
  • OmniForm Manufactured Multi-story Building System, Hanns Baumann, Inventor, US Patent No. 4,644,709 issued
  • Friction Joint Space Frame, Hanns Baumann, Inventor, US Patent No. 3,407,560 issued
  • Seismic Energy Dissipating Rebar Coupler (BauCon™), Hanns Baumann, Inventor, US Patent No. 5,305,573 issued
  • Baumann Simplified Construction System, Hanns Baumann, Inventor, US Patent No. 4,389,831 issued
  • Factory Built Construction Assembly, Hanns Baumann, Inventor, US Patent No. 4,447,996 issued
  • Earthquake Resistant Structure Utilizing a Confinement Reinforcing Framework (BauGrid® Reinforcement System), Hanns Baumann, Inventor, US Patent No. 5,218,809 issued, used extensively in and out of seismic regions
  • Reinforcement Cages for Ductile Concrete Frame Members and Method of Fabricating and Erecting the Same, (BauGrid® Ductile Frame, Fabrication and Erection System), Hanns Baumann, Inventor, US Patent No. 5,392,580 issued, Canadian, Japanese and European patents pending

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