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GasCon Housing Systems

GasCon Low-Cost Housing Systems - With John Beggs, Hanns Baumann developed the GasCon Housing Systems for construction of low-cost housing.  Invented by Beggs in 1963 and first used by him to construct small free-form structures in Florida, Gascon is a lightweight liquid concrete sprayed through hoses onto an in-place form.  GasCon is a fore-runner of the commonly used shotcrete of today.  The name GasCon combines the ideas of gas entrained polymers and concrete.  The additive is secret, rather than patented, because Beggs did not want to disclose the ingredient, which would have been required with a patent. 

Baumann and Beggs began working together in the 1970s to produce a low-cost housing system for developing countries.  They developed what they called a erection.jpg (80593 bytes)"junior tilt-up system."  This system was designed to employ local workers to construct the housing.   Concrete panels are cast on site and tilted up by manpower, rather than the cranes used for the larger tilt-up panels of modern warehouse construction.  After about 14 hours, the 2-inch thick wall panels which are cast on the ground are hand-tilted and joined at the corners and joints by metal angles.  The wall surfaces are finished by spraying on a finish color coat of GasCon.  The complete structure is fireproof, rodent and termite proof, and earthquake-resistant.  The system can be used in the US, but is designed for use in developing nations.  Thousands have been built in Jamaica, Iran and Mexico.

Miscellaneous, not yet categorized Gascon pictures

GasCon Industrial Applications

GasCon Glass Factory, Mexico

Astroworld, Houston, TX  (includes several structures)

Food Concession Building, Acapulco, Mexico

Free Form Fluted Canopy and Entrance Hood, Monaco Hotel, Acapulco, Mexico

Church Building, USA

Polymer Pavilion, Expo '67, Montreal, Canada

GasCon Free Form Systems

Water Tank, Mexico City

Astroworld, Houston, TX  (includes several structures)

Rock Work, Busch Gardens, Houston, TX

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