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Patents naming Hanns U. Baumann as Inventor or Co-Inventor

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  • US Patent No. 3,407,560 - Baumann Space Frame
  • US Patent No. 4,389,831 - Baumann Simplified Construction System
  • US Patent No. 4,447,996 - Factory Built Construction Assembly
  • US Patent No. 4,644,709 - OmniForm Building System
  • US Patent No. 5,218,809 - Earthquake Resistant Structure Utilizing a Confinement Reinforcing Framework
  • US Patent No. 5,392,580 - Modular Reinforcement Cages for Ductile Concrete Frame Members and Method of Fabricating and Erecting The Same (BauGrid Reinforcement System), European, Japanese and Mexican Patents Pending
  • US Patent No. 5,305,573 - Energy Dissipating Connector (BauCon), European, Japanese and Mexican Patents Pending

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Baumann Space Frame

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