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Baumann Research and Development welcomes the submittal of project designs for conversion to the BauGrid® Welded Reinforcement Grid System.  If you have a reinforced concrete design or a structural steel project that you'd like us to convert and provide a price quote on, submit your RFQ and/or Project Documents here.

Baumann Space Frame

Monument Artwork by Kathryn Stovall Dennis of Stovall Design Company, San Clemente, CA

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From Concept to Model to Prototype to Testing to Manufacture and Distribution

BauCon Energy Dissipating Coupler Connecter

BauJoint Development Model



Two-way ductile frame hurricane-proof home on Kauai, utilizing WRG™


Two-way Ductile BauFrame

BauBundled WRG™

Conspray Single Side Form with Slump Stone Pattern

Because of its superior ductile performance, and its exact dimensional tolerances, BauGrid®  WRG™   makes it possible for some projects which, in the past, due to rebar congestion, could only have been constructed in structural steel, to now be constructed using reinforced concrete.  Our engineers will be happy to work with your engineers to see if your project can be designed using BauGrid®  WRG™  instead of structural steel.

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